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Tuesday, 12 August 2008
Stay alert to the rumblings of war. Georgia, OIL, Persian Gulf & Iran's Quest for an EMP weapon!
August 2008 UPDATE:

8/22: EMP - Smile Your Naked! - Very sobering article discussing how the US Government is not even considering a response to an EMP attack! This report will "blow your fuses!" EMP along with the Shahab-3 mid-air detonation is the one weapon Iran HAS tested can use to cripple America! Read the Novel. SEE Pages 107-1095 in The Epiphany Deception!

Full Article - WorldNET

8/18: Cyber WAR Vulnerability - Excellent article discussing the recent Cyber-War attack on Georgia and how in America we are sitting ducks regarding the electrical power systems! EMP is a weapon Iran might just use to "de-power" America, just like in the Novel. SEE Pages 113-115 in The Epiphany Deception!

Full Article -

8/16: BTC - The Underground Artery: The Heart of the Russia-Georgia Battle!

An excellent article by the explains why the B-T-C Pipeline is Strategic. The BTC pipeline, takes Caspian crude from Azerbaijan through Georgia to the Turkish port of Ceyhan, where it is loaded on tankers for the international market. Russia wants to control it, but TURKEY will not sit by and let this critical "Energy Conduit" fall out from their control. SEE Page 249 in The Epiphany Deception!

Full Article -

8/15: To understand why this Armada of ships is heading to the Middle East, I recommend an excellent site hosted by Rt. Hon. Lord of Stirling. He pulls together much information that is very insightful. The US Navy denies this of course, but the recent War Games, "Operation Brimstone" in the North Atlantic indicate otherwise.
Full Article - Europe Business Blog

8/13: The waters of the Persian Gulf are stirred up! The rumors of a Blockade and or attack on Iran are beginning to circulate among many back-channels in the Intelligence community. This latest news alert, "The US now has FIVE (5) American Flotillas of Navy battle Groups in the Gulf area." A concentration last seen before the invasion of Iraq in 2003!
Full Article - DEBKA File
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