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  • A Stunning and Fresh perspective on Last Days! In-depth research that vividly catapults the reader into Earth's coming days of trouble! Challenging, provocative and highly recommended. Dr. John Bisagno-Texas - more

  • Blown away! The Epiphany Deception weaves political, economic, military and religious events into a well-developed story of what could be. Many have tried. Michael has done a superb job! T. Brown - OHIO - more

  • "The Epiphany Deception" will challenge you to realize the events we read about in the newspaper are more than just happenstance or unrelated occurrences. God's amazing plan is unfolding! Pastor L. Sims - Texas - more

  • The Epiphany Deception is a stunning piece of eschatological art! Before you begin reading.......WARNING! TAKE a DEEP BREATH & HOLD ON... - J. Parrish, TX - more

  • From the opening page to the final paragraph I truly could not put the book down. A story so true to form and in sync with current events it will have you struggling to separate it from daily news reports! H. Otto - Oklahoma - more

  • The Epiphany Deception is an exciting read! Michael Holihan is brilliant, engaging, informative and -most of all- talented. Highly recommended!
    Dr. J. McCubbin-TX -

New End-Times Novel

The Epiphany Deception

The PIECES of the Puzzle Finally Make Sense!

  • Islamic secret weapons target the US!
  • Turkey invades Syria & grabs the oil!
  • Biblical discovery shakes the world!
  • Massive tragedy in the Midwest!
  • A Celestial unveiling stuns humanity!
  • America rises from the Disaster!
This gripping novel is the first in a trilogy that unravels the ancient shroud of evil and unmasks the ominous forces preparing humanity for a powerful delusion. All mankind becomes ensnared by this spectacular revelation, except for those brave enough to peer behind the dark curtain and behold the truth.

See how the current political, spiritual, and economic realities blend into a provocative end-times thriller. Tribulation, Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, along with America, Iran, Israel and Turkey all intertwine in this riveting prophetic novel that will that stir up emotions, fuel controversies, and expose the layers of deceit that are all around us.

Meet the Author

Michael S. Holihan
Author-The Epiphany Deception

Special --

Order you autographed edition today and be one of the first to receive this controversial and thought-provoking novel along with a small Gift! (See below for information!)
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This eye-opening novel is 400 pages and is printed in an easy-to-read large 7" x 9" format.

The novel includes numerous maps for reference.

All book orders will be personally autographed and shipped along with a Custom printed "DeceptionDay" Book mark. Thank you!

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