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  • What exciting times in which we are living! I was totally blown away with Epiphany Deception. Michael does a great job of weaving political, economic, military and religious events into a well-developed story of what it could be like in these last days. Think of it this way--we know what has happened before our time and we know what happens at the very end of time. It is a matter of fitting the pieces together in the here and now and connecting them with both periods of time. Many have tried. Michael has done a superb job! I was moved by the experiences of believers struggling with tough issues and finding God to be faithful. I was amazed at how very close we actually could be to Deception Day. I am looking forward to the next installation-if the Lord tarries. T. Brown - Ohio

  • Michael Holihan's "The Epiphany Deception" is a must read for those who love a fast- paced, action-filled thriller! Based totally on the teachings of Scripture, particularly the passages relating to the end-of-times, the novel is filled with an intriguing entwining of modern day events coupled with Biblical prophecy. Taking place in the United Sates and the Middle East, the author demonstrates an incredible knowledge of diverse locations, military hardware, political situations, and foreign governments. He develops very believable and passionate characters that capture your heart as their stories unfold. Never have I read a more exciting depiction of things-to-come as well as things-present and the hope we have as Christians. "The Epiphany Deception" will challenge you to realize the events we read about in the newspaper are more than just happenstance or unrelated occurrences. God's amazing plan is unfolding and "The Epiphany Deception" will help the reader realize once again just how vital and relevant the Scriptures are to our lives today.
    Pastor L. Sims - Texas

  • Michael Holihan brilliantly brings a technological and a global perspective to the Great End-Time Epic. The Epiphany Deception is a stunning piece of eschatological art! Before you begin reading.......WARNING! Take a Deep Breath & HOLD ON........You are about to enter the "Forever" of God! J. Parrish - TX

  • This was actually a Christmas gift for my husband but he had to wait until I finished it first! The story is gripping and it was almost painful to have to put it down occasionally as real-world responsibilities intruded. We can't wait for the next installment! C. Smith - Texas

  • This book tells the story of the Last Days unlike any other we have read! It has suspense, romance, and the technology is amazing! The characters are interesting and are going about their daily lives when the world turns upside down and the last seven years on this earth as we know it unfolds. It makes you think things could really happen this way. F. & K. Wilkes - Texas

  • This book amazed me. I was blown away by the details. Not just geographically, but culturally and biblically. As I got more and more involved in the lives of the characters, I felt as if I was there. At times, my heart rate would actually speed up as I read. It is action packed but also very tender at moments: a great blend of emotion and action. A VERY timely book. The author so intricately weaves in actual current day events that the reader catches a glimpse of how much Biblical prophecy has already come to pass and how future fulfillment of prophecy may occur. I was especially captivated by his description of the anti-christ, how he came to power, where his power came from and the role he would play in end-times. This book, made me see things as never before. By the end...I was reading with tears in my eyes...and more aware than ever that Christ's return is so very soon. What a glorious day that will be! D. Schreve - Texas

  • Opening the cover to another "End-Times" story, I was intrigued by the familiarity of the characters, how much alike we are, and what drives our daily lives. A subconscious awareness of world events consumed me like a fast-moving thunderstorm with no escape. The torrent buffeted my beliefs and as I fought to hold on and tradition gave way to truth. Swept from my comfortable perch, the Novel carried me to an unsuspecting End and dropped me out the back cover. Reorienting myself in a now unfamiliar reality, I took a few minutes to pray. Thank you for the journey. D. Allmand - TX

  • Satan and his minions, both the Invisible Fallen Angels and the Luciferian earthly rulers - power-brokers, will gnash their sharpened teeth over The Epiphany Deception. This blockbuster prophetic novel grips you and rips the lid off the Ultimate Conspiracy. No theories here but the raw real nature of the Beast revealed. Exposed then are their desperate but ultimately failing secrets to deceive the whole world and capture humanity's very soul - but at what a price! Holihan must have access to real inside Intelligence about who and how the world really works - the political, esoteric, and science fiction, as well as the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit to discern and decode the mysteries of Revelations is as timely as today and tomorrow's news. Bible based, this book illuminates current events that are happening now and just around the corner. It awakens the reader, to a new consciousness of good and evil, truth and lies and the spiritual/physical battle for the whole world. Hopefully, it will both scare and inspire you and yours to flee to God through Jesus Christ and avoid the plague of Delusion, even now sweeping up souls alive. Therefore be warned and thereby armed in the full Spiritual Armor of the Lord.
    Unbelievers, as well as Believers, need this book's catalyst to wisdom, safety, and salvation. You will not be able to put it down. So beware this bitter - sweet story because this book will stretch your heart & mind so that you will not be able to revert to your previous drowsy dimension. Almost everyone has heard of the Judea-Christian Messiah who came and comes again in the End Times, but few grasp the significance of the coming counterfeit Muslim Messiah of Radical Islam - the 12th Iman - the Al Mahdi - the Master Magician and Anti-Christ. The President of Iran and his Master Mullahs claim this "person" is already alive, here and now, but hidden to emerge soon upon the world destroy Israel and the great devil - America, and to try to take over the Planet by Fire (nuclear) and the Sword (convert or die) in the ensuing International vacuum and chaos.
    Bizarre but true they believe the Mahdi is coming, they know who they worship and are prepared to die and conquer whole countries for him. So get ready, pray and start reading The Epiphany Deception today. There might not be enough time of those comfortable tomorrows! This will become the most controversial book of the year! I just hope it isn't true, but I can't forget it now, neither will you and your family and your friends. The End times have arrived. Prepare! F. Leonard - London, England (UK)

  • News Alert! Trim your wicks. Put oil in your lamps. The Epiphany Deception will be ringing in your ears the prophetic words, "This is that!" Michael Holihan orchestrates ominous, end-time revelation through an intricate landscape of military ops and world affairs. His ability to take us beyond the linear view of the world into optical thinking will reveal the coordinates of today's horizon. The Epiphany Deception is a wake-up-call that will leave you grateful Dan Brown writes fiction. B. Smith - Ohio

  • Don't read this book at night. I stayed up late several nights because I could not put it down. I learned a lot historically and politically about the Middle East. It amazes me that Michael is so knowledgeable about the Bible and about the Middle East today. It is also a little scary to think that the United States could be taken out of the picture so easily. This book has caused me to pray more diligently for my friends and family members. I do believe the end times are near, and we all need to be ready! V. Tatum - TX

  • The Epiphany Deception is an exciting read! Michael Holihan is brilliant, engaging, informative and -most of all- talented. Highly recommended! Dr. J. McCubbin - Texas

  • Michael Holihan's exceptional knowledge of Biblical events, historically significant world locations, and the intricacies of human nature are exquisitely woven into the plot that is the "Epiphany Deception". A story so true to form and in sync with current events it will have you struggling to separate it from daily news reports. Michael's understanding and interpretation of history and world religions combine to make believers out of non-believers. From the opening page to the final paragraph I truly could not put the book down. I am inspired again to re-read my Bible in the hope that I may see what Michael and so many others must see. I wait with great anticipation for parts two and three of this epoch struggle between good and evil. H. Otto - Oklahoma

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